Retirement Message from Michael Pratt

As I begin retirement, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I have enjoyed as CEO of Panini.  This is a very special company that means so much to me.  Throughout its history the company has faced and overcome many difficulties and has embraced dramatic moments of change to propel the company forward.  To be a part of that story is a great honor.

I want to thank the many people who have made my tenure at Panini such a wonderful experience.  I am incredibly proud of the team at Panini, who have given their passion and commitment to the company and met every challenge and opportunity with the courage and tenacity that are hallmarks of the company’s culture.  I am so very appreciative to the customers and partners who make Panini’s achievements and growth possible.  It has been my privilege to have worked and collaborated with you.  I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to the ownership of Panini who trusted me with the responsibility of leadership backed by their unwavering support during our journey together.  I am eternally thankful to Ugo and Valeria Panini and the entire Panini family who always gave me unconditional support, encouragement, and friendship.  To the Panini team, customers, partners, ownership, and family, I thank you.  I will miss you.

It is exciting to know Panini is poised for continued success and a bright future.  I will forever hold Panini in a special place in my heart.  Thank you, and all the best to each of you.

Michael Pratt, Panini