Panini Mission Statement

The importance of a company’s mission statement should not be underestimated.  It clearly identifies for stakeholders what the company intends to do with its resources.  At Panini, we have given a lot of thought, discussion, and deliberation to updating our mission statement.  We wanted a statement that was absent of unnecessary self-flattery, excessive adjectives/adverbs, and over-used hyperbole.  We wanted a statement that clearly describes who we are and where we are going.  Most important, we wanted a statement that was clearly focused on our customers and the value we intend to create for them.  I do believe our revised mission statement accomplishes these goals.

Panini Mission Statement
Panini improves customer efficiency and fraud prevention via trusted and innovative technologies for check truncation and secure identity.

I’d like to make a few comments about each part of Panini’s mission statement.

  • "Panini improves..." - we will not arrogantly claim invention of the wheel. We know our customers have made efforts in our solutions space, and we intend to collaborate with them to improves their results through Panini innovation and competencies. 
  • "...customer efficiency and fraud prevention..." - these are the specific areas where we intend to deliver value to our customers. 
  • "...via trusted and innovative technologies..." - we have invested 75 years in building our trusted brand. We will not undertake actions that create risk for our customers. We will continue our long history of innovation by creating new solutions and technologies for the challenges and opportunities faced by our customers. 
  • "...for check truncation and secure identity." - Panini will focus on these markets. We are well established as global leaders in our core business of check truncation, and we will follow that same market leadership culture in the secure identity market. We will leverage the considerable experience we already have with security technologies and the positive market reaction to our initial secure identity solutions. 

For all our customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders, this mission statement is a direct reflection of the partnership we have shared over many years, and the exciting opportunity to continue that partnership well into the future.

Michael Pratt
CEO, Panini