2021 Manufacturing Vendor of the Year Award

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Q1 Results

Panini is pleased to launch the 2021 Manufacturing Vendor of the Year program to award our top performing manufacturing suppliers. Rating for the program will be based on Quality, Delivery performance, Flexibility, and Technical skills. 

“We have outstanding manufacturing suppliers and are happy to award their efforts with this new program,” says Manlio Lombardo, Director of Operation, Panini. “The four categories by which we’ll measure are critical to our success, and we’re confident our vendor partners will continue to exceed the standard expected performance.”

Panini will recognize the top four vendors each quarter, and the overall winner will be awarded at the end of the year. The top vendors for 1st quarter include: Smeuco SRL , Shenzhen Qixin Electronics Co., LTD , HLC Metal Parts LTD. , and Pioneer Conductor Rubber Industrial Co., LTD

“I would like to thank these vendor partners for their extraordinary efforts in these difficult times,” adds Richard Kane, CEO, Panini. “We understand the current challenges and appreciate your commitment to maintaining an elite level of service and performance.”