Technology Cleaning - Best Practices

ATMs, debit card readers, and tablets are everywhere. And while these high-traffic digital tools are an asset to productivity, they can be big germ spreaders, as well. Now, with the spread of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to keep public spaces and appliances sanitary.

Cleaning technology is a bit trickier than cleaning other high-touch areas like countertops or door knobs because you need to sanitize them without damaging the electronics inside.  

A great choice for this task is DiSantech Disinfecting Wipes. These germicidal wipes are durable and non-abrasive, which makes them perfect for sanitizing sensitive technology. Additionally, it is not recommended to spray disinfectant directly onto an appliance and wipe it with a dry cloth like you might clean a window, because the spray could leak into the inner electronics and cause damage. DiSantech wipes disinfect appliances without the risk of drips, spills, and damage. 

Besides using the right tools for the job, it’s a good idea to invest the time and energy to come up with a specific plan to keep your workplace free of germs. Follow these three best practices to keep your workplace sanitary:

1. Teach good cleaning habits.

It’s easy to assume everyone knows how to clean, but not everyone knows how to clean technology thoroughly and safely. Providing the most effective cleaning supplies, such as DiSantech Wipes, and training employees to use them properly ensures your high-touch technology stays sanitary and in working order.

2. Clean on a schedule.

Maintain regular cleaning increments that are easy to remember, like at the end of each shift, or once each hour--whatever works to remind you to regularly sanitize your appliances throughout the day. You might consider assigning a dedicated or rotating cleaning person so no one assumes someone else has already done it.

3. Don’t just clean, sanitize!

Although one benefit of cleaning is that your technology will look nice and shiny, the purpose of disinfecting your technology surfaces is not just to remove smudges and dirt, but to kill the germs that have accumulated. Thoroughly wiping down your technology with DiSantech Wipes will keep them looking clean, but more importantly, it will reduce the spread of illness by removing harmful, invisible bacteria.

Technology has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to lose track of just how many people are touching that keypad at the counter. But, with just a little bit of effort to maintain best sanitizing practices, you can contribute to stopping the spread of germs and keeping the general public safe and healthy.