The Cost of Not Cleaning Your Check Scanner

We’ve told you before about the benefits of using a check scanner and how costly it can be when something breaks down or isn’t working properly. But did you know that a lot of the scanning errors and little frustrations you encounter with check scanners could simply be because the check scanner needs cleaning? A scanner that isn’t cleaned can see problems with the image quality, MICR line reads, check feeds, and endorsement quality. When a check scanner doesn’t perform properly, the teller is forced to take attention away from the customer to troubleshoot the scanner or to manually enter the check data.

Recently, KIC did a study  with a top U.S. bank to test the difference in performance between check scanners that were cleaned and those that were not. Over three months, in a series of branches, some scanners were regularly cleaned and some were not cleaned at all.

As expected, the scanners that were regularly cleaned outperformed the uncleaned scanners in every way. There was an 85% increase in scanning errors in the check scanners that were not cleaned, leading to tellers manually entering data and increasing customer wait time by three quarters of an hour per day, per branch.

Before starting the cleaning program, many experienced tellers reported that most transactions required some sort of teller intervention with the check scanning process. Early in the study, branches that were a part of the cleaning program saw the need for teller intervention decrease by 42%.

As if the dramatic difference in regular daily performance wasn’t enough, the testing also showed that regularly cleaned scanners, needed repairs less often. In fact, the check scanners that were part of a cleaning program needed to be serviced 50% less often than those not being cleaned.

Cleaning your check scanners is a quick and easy process. By spending just a few minutes a week on regular cleaning and maintenance, you can save yourself hours of frustration as well as prevent costly repairs. 

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