Employee Spotlight: Bart McMannon


What is your full name and any nicknames? Michael Bart McMannon; Bart-Man / Mac

What is your role at Panini? Channel Business Development Manager

How long have you been with Panini: 6 years

What are some aspects of your job that you enjoy: All things Product!

Please share a little something about yourself (family, pets, hobbies, interests):

Two daughters, both studying medicine
Lisa and I just had our 25 year anniversary
We have 2 dogs (pit & bully breads)
I enjoy camping with my wife in our travel trailer, canoeing, fishing, and of course golf!

What are some of your favorites? 

Favorite sports team(s): Cincinnati Reds / Bengals
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite drink: Iced Coffee
Favorite vacation/trip/place visited: Gasparilla Island, Gulf of Florida
Favorite color: Black, Gray and Red
Favorite movie: The Natural / Caddyshack
Favorite animal: Dogs mostly, really like all animals but not a snake fan!