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We offer:
  • Innovative systems for identity verification and authentication
  • A first line of defense to prevent possible frauds
  • Solutions leveraging forensic tests, biometrics and encryption

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reliable and user-friendly
customer authentication

card security WHAT YOU HAVE

(ID card, credit/debit card, token…)

Recognition through physical documents

  • Every customer carries at least one document
  • ID documents use security (anti-counterfeit) characteristics
pin pad password WHAT YOU KNOW

(Password, PIN, secret answer…)

Security through what you know.

  • Secret, personal information
  • Often paired with a second element (username, chip card...)
fingerprint WHAT YOU ARE

(Fingerprint, voice, iris…)

Identification through biometric data.

  • The security level is the highest
  • Some documents include biometric features

Panini offers you complete control to understand if you really have the right person in front of you, preventing fraudbe impossible to suffer fraud.


Panini has created a comprehensive solution suite to protect your company by preventing heightened types of fraud such as account takeover and synthetic identity:

  • Easy-to use, hi-tech fraud prevention solutions
  • Help automate customer processes and reduce data entry errors
  • Identity verification and customer authentication functionalities
  • Increase confidence of your Staff and your Customers
  • Integrate with existing banking software system


Here are a few examples from our expanding secure identity range:

ValidātID ValidātID

Innovative identity document authentication and data capture software that prevents fraud in seconds while streamlining workflows.

  • Applies multiple forensic tests on identity documents, preventing fraud
  • Eliminates Data Entry Errors
  • Available with a choice of Scanning Platforms

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pin pad password KeyMax 1011

Professional keyboard featuring a bi-directional magstripe reader, EMV IC chip card reader, optional NFC reader, and an integrated USB hub.

  • Provides teller-side security
  • Adds value to a peripheral you need anyway
  • Saves Time, Stops Errors & Reduces Frauds

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fingerprint eKrypto™ PINphab

The eKrypto™ PINphab is a PCI PTS POI 5.0 compliant customer-facing identification system. Fingerprint scan and electronic signature may be added as options.

  • Reads any type of card with secure PIN entry
  • Supports Linux apps
  • Large user display for messaging and digital signage

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who we are

Founded in Turin, Italy, Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for 75 years. Panini improves customer efficiency and fraud prevention via trusted and innovative technologies for check truncation and secure identity. The company’s scalable check imaging systems address the complete range of distributed capture opportunities, resulting in the world’s largest deployed base of scanners, and their expanding portfolio of secure identity technologies includes reliable, user-friendly options for identity verification and authentication.

“Customer centricity means for us the ability to listen and provide reliable solutions and quality service. Our ambition is to offer our customers the innovation necessary to improve their operational processes while making the new technologies more achievable.”

- Michael Pratt, CEO

Manual ID record verification, still used in a huge number of standard bank divisions, is full of imperfections and weaknesses. Among the types of fraudulence which can potentially be prevented or decreased by the use of much more advanced and efficient in-person id verification devices, we can list wire scam, card scam, property finance loan fraud, first party fraud, I . d . fraud, check fraud, and ACH fraud. (website: Volumes connected to id frauds (which includes synthetic identity and account takeover) are certainly higher than those tracked down, because banking institutions frequently tend to mislabel them as bank loan losses, and many occasions customers do not realize they are the victims.

Far more innovative and risk-free ways to verify and authenticate users are needed to maintain the pace of the market. The authorization of the customer's document - which relies on lots professional forensic tests based mostly on hundreds and hundreds of authorized doc templates - is the 1st factor of I . d . authentication. This stage incorporates data files capture by the Identity card, which will increase the speed and simplify the customer onboarding procedure, reducing the FI time and money and reducing errors.

Authentication continues with the submission of ID-scraped data and manually inserted data onto advanced background checks, which make it possible for the financial institution know - after the file is considered genuine - whether it matches its holder and whether the bank ought to do business with them. At the end of the subscription process, the user gets a bank-generated secured biometric credential, which the FI won't require to save up, to be used for upcoming access to their account for financial transactions or info, with a simple touch of their finger.


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