• Cardmint FX
  • Cardmint FX

The robust choice for fully personalized flat cards

Customers are all about the now: if the need arises, they can walk into a bank and get a credit or debit card not only issued or replaced immediately, but personalized the way they want it. The Panini Cardmint FX was specifically developed for instant financial flat card issuance, allowing you to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, and it works as an ideal complement for Panini's Cards On the SpotTM FII (Financial Instant Issuance) software platform.

This easy-to-use dual-sided printer delivers Banks and Credit Unions the capability of printing any image on EMV-compliant magnetic stripe, contact chip, and contactless (RFID) cards. Retransfer technology produces brilliant colors printed over-the-edge, leaving no unprinted white border.
Impressive quality at a totally reasonable cost!

With its compact size, the Cardmint FX fits neatly into any branch environment, and can be used behind the counter without creating distractions – it operates quieter than any printer in its class, and it is ruggedly designed and constructed for top-class reliability and continuous operation, as well as compliant with physical and logical security regulations for financial issuance applications.


Features & Benefits

Brilliant colors printed over-the-edge

Fast operation and superior card durability

Security Pack included – a comprehensive set of security features that fulfil financial card personalization

Internal electronic locks, mechanical keyed locks preventing unauthorized access to sensitive items

"Secure ribbon erase” - eliminates card data from black (K) portion of ribbon

LED-backlit graphical LCD

Technical Specifications

  • Performance: avg. 90 to 120 secs. for a fully personalized card (front & rear), magstripe and chip encoding - application dependent
  • Retransfer printing technology; Single or Dual sided printing; 300 or 600 (HD) print resolution
  • Input Hopper:  200 cards (30 mil) capacity; exception feeder
  • Output Hopper Capacity: max. 75 cards (30 mil); reject hopper: 10 cards (30mil)
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet TCP-IP, Internal USB Hub (2 slave ports)
  • Driver and API for software integration; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) operating systems
  • Consumables: YMCK-PO color ribbon (yield up to 750 cards: yellow/magenta/cyan on front, black/peel-off on rear) + retransfer film (yield 500 cards F/R)