Panini at CIAB 2016

Panini, the global market leader in distributed check capture is participating in CIAB FEBRABAN, one of the world’s largest financial services events in São Paulo, Brazil, for the ninth consecutive year. With the March 31st passing of the Brazilian check truncation law it is important for Panini to showcase their RDC portfolio of products at CIAB.

At this event Panini will show its Vision X® range of scanners, including the Vision 1. The Vision 1 is a single feed, high value version of Vision X for highly professional and user-friendly Remote Deposit Capture or low volume Teller Image Capture applications. Also available for demo at the booth will be the Vision neXt, the mI:Deal, and the Avantor scanner monitoring system. The Vision neXt is Panini’s batch capture and branch transformation platform, delivering robust quality and breakthrough innovations in an integrated document auto-alignment system, a 14-line built-in printer for cut sheet receipts, rich check endorsement, and customer-facing cashier’s check personalization. The Panini mI:Deal is the smart, practical, and secure solution for cost effective and reliable check capture at the POS that easily integrates into existing retail solutions to maximize functionality and ROI. The mI:Deal may also be used in RDC, teller, and mobility applications because it is API-free and offers wired or wireless connectivity to a variety of hosts such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The following strategic partner will be emphasized by Panini at this year’s CIAB event.

TDS Informática, a Brazilian technology leader active in data capture, financial transactions, and POS systems will address the retail, merchant, and correspondent bank market segments with their Panini integrated solutions.

“As the global leaders in distributed capture, we are committed to the success of this market and have been involved from the beginning in many aspects of Brazil’s check truncation legislation,” says Paula Marques Jaeger, Latin America Account Manager, Panini. “The establishment and growth of important partnerships for Brazil and the rest of Central and South America allows us to continue to support the industry’s transition to check truncation while enhancing our market capabilities and expanding the use of Panini technology within strategic areas such as remote deposit, retail capture, bill payment, and more.”

CIAB FEBRABAN 2016 will take place at the Transamerica Convention Center, São Paulo, Brazil, on June 21-23.


About TDS

TDS is a Brazilian company with 18 years of existence, specialized in the development, support and services of image capturing and online transaction processing. It is currently the largest player in the market of banking correspondents, present with its solutions in 4,973 cities in Brazil.

About Panini

Founded in Turin, Italy, Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for seventy years. Panini has a rich history of technology innovation, leveraging the company’s expertise in research & development. Panini’s market leading solutions are based on state-of-the-art engineering resources and ISO-9001 quality certified production. Panini offers check capture solutions that enable customers to fully realize the advantages and efficiencies available with the digital transformation of the paper check, resulting in the world’s largest deployed base of check capture systems, now approaching one million devices. Panini’s scalable check capture solutions address the complete range of distributed check processing opportunities including teller capture, back-counter capture, remote deposit capture and remittance processing. The company provides solutions on a global basis, and has direct subsidiary operations in the United States covering North America and in Brazil covering Latin American markets. For more information visit