«Payment Services in the Digital Age»

Panini to Speak about the Electronic Check

Panini will participate in this two-day academic convention, organized by the University of Messina, on February 15-16 at the Excelsior Palace Hotel in Taormina, Sicily, Italy. The event is sponsored by Panini SpA, Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa, Messina Chamber of Commerce, Bancomat, Allianz, Municipality of Taormina and the Messina Bar Association.

Among the prestigious speakers are numerous university teachers and law professionals, Banca d'Italia (Central Bank), ABI (Italian Banking Association), Bancomat SpA and CBI Consortium, covering topics which include the PSD2 directive, new payment services after SEPA, new challenges of the digital age, and the risks of ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Panini will present in the afternoon, Friday 16 February on the topic "The Electronic Check: security, efficiency and savings thanks to the new process". The new image-based check truncation system (CIT) enters into full force in Italy on January 29th.

The participation form is available at this link, while the agenda is here.