Panini Looks towards the Future

Our new Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Jean-Philippe Ruault, has joined Panini in March.

Let's ask him a few questions about the how he sees the future of the company.


How are payment technologies changing and how has check usage changed over time?

The fact that payments are becoming more and more digital is clear to us all, as is the spread of digital banking channels and even digital-only banking services with no physical locations. The check, however, an instrument that screams of antiquity, has survived to this day precisely because it hasn't changed - because it's convenient as-is for those who write them. Panini is making the technology used to process checks more sophisticated and intelligent, transforming it into a quasi-digital instrument even for those who receive them- beneficiaries and banks.


What is the importance of Panini’s new location in Turin?

Turin, Italy is our Center of Excellence - our Innovation Lab where Research and Development and Strategic Marketing are based. It is also our Headquarters; the headquarters of a company that, despite its unquestionable success in North America, operates from Italy and Europe and addresses the entire world. It is from Turin that we interpret the needs of the market and current trends, to transform them into products and solutions.


Is Panini growing? How many employees are there today?

Today we are about 50 employees, split between Italy and North America, and we are oriented to growth and expansion towards new applications that are increasingly digital. This is likely to result in new hires, especially profiles with software and IT skills in our Innovation Center.


How is the need for security changing and how does Panini fit into that?

We have been working with banks for decades, so we are familiar with the growing security needs of our clients. In our journey to address identity verification and customer authentication, we have met with technology partners and learned a lot in this area, relative to the payments ecosystem, but not only. Today, identifying a customer in a secure way, even using the smartphone that everyone has in their pocket, is an almost universal need - think of public services, healthcare, telephony, gaming, and I could go on. Panini will soon launch a new, innovative solution in this area, and we won’t stop there.


What is Panini's role in the world? What are the markets, distribution, competitors?

Our vocation is global. Today we operate in almost forty countries, on all continents, and from the banking and postal market we are extending into the Fintech and healthcare worlds, and looking beyond. We know our traditional competitors well, but with the transformation taking place we believe that some of them will remain behind and we will meet new and different ones - such as in the world of biometrics - and the challenge will continue. And we’re poised and ready for those challenges.