How Much Time do You Waste by Not Using a Check Scanner?

If you process a lot of checks, having a reliable check scanner is a must. It saves you time and money. There are several ways that check scanners can help you save time and money while also reducing pressure on your employees and allowing them to focus on building rapport with your customers.

Easy & Fast Transactions
The immediate and most obvious time saved with check scanning is the initial transaction with customers. Check scanners save tellers the time it would take them to manually enter data from the check. Manually keying in data can take twice as long as scanning!

This lets them focus on engaging with the customer and allows them to get through customers more quickly. This may mean you need fewer tellers at a time to handle the same number of customers!

People are often in a rush and going to the bank might be an inconvenience to them. Processing their transactions faster will improve teller efficiency and let those customers get in and out quickly, making for a better customer experience.

Reduce Errors
Whenever manual data entry is needed, you introduce the possibility of human error. Those errors can be costly and time-consuming to correct. By capturing the data automatically with a check scanner, you reduce—or even eliminate—the possibility of data errors.

Any time that you or your staff have to spend correcting errors is time that is wasted. Manually keying data into your system will always be prone to error because humans are fallible—no one can perfectly enter every piece of data every single time they have a transaction.

Stop Shuffling Paperwork
By scanning checks and processing digital images, you can reduce the actual paperwork that is needed. That means less filing and organization frustrations. That can shorten the end of day reconciliation for your tellers as well. Not to mention all checks can now be transmitted and cleared electronically, eliminating transportation costs as well. 

Check Scanning Solutions
Panini offers several different options for check scanning and teller capture, depending on your needs. The first thing to consider when choosing the best check scanner is the complementary functionality you can utilize within the check scanner footprint. 

All Panini check scanners are compact and can be used at individual teller stations. Designed with ease of use in mind, Panini scanners are easy to install and start using right away. But what else can they do?
The Panini Vision neXt and EverneXt offer ID capture at 600dpi true color, and they can also print receipts with their advanced graphics printer! Need it done quickly? These scanners can process up to 160 documents per minute, saving you hours of work! Need to share scanners for roaming tellers? Panini EverneXt can make that happen too with its Wi-Fi connectivity and OS-agnostic platform.