Branch Platform & Sales Desk

Opening a new bank account or beginning the loan origination process typically requires supporting documentation, and can be a manually intensive process.

Branch Platform Desk/Sales associates are responsible for spending value added time with their customers and for accurately scanning check and new account and/or loan application documents. With true, multi–document format capture capability, and integration with existing imaging applications, one device can capture high quality images for quick routing to the processing center. Scanning documents earlier in the presentment process yields results in the areas of improved productivity and efficiency, putting the focus back on the customer. Banks can immediately offer a differentiated customer experience while reducing the time required to complete transactions.

A cost effective, multi–format capture device can reside at the branch sales employee’s desk, eliminating the need to leave the customer alone in their office to walk over to a branch scanner or MFP. These valuable minutes can yield positive results in customer relationship building and an improved service experience, which means greater customer loyalty and repeat business.


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