A tradition of putting
technology at your service.

Panini is a trusted provider of reliable and ergonomic solutions designed to help businesses in various industries securely manage high value information and prevent fraud.

An Italian tale of Innovation

For more than 75 years Panini has been providing cutting-edge technology and innovative products which have helped shape the history of financial services.

Founded in Turin, in the industrial heart of Italy, the Company conquered its domestic market first, thanks to its efficient cheque processing solutions coupled with superior level nationwide service, then expanded into the international arena, starting with the U.S. office in Ohio, to become a technology partner of many of the world’s leading Banks in just a few years.

Today Panini operates in more than 40 countries and its scanners have been installed in tens of thousands of bank and postal branches as well as businesses of any size and sector. In parallel to the acclaimed scanners portfolio, we are now developing secure identity solutions which will extend our technological and market footprint to new industries and to a growing range of essential applications.

An impressive streak of achievements and successes
since distant 1945.

Our Executive Team

Talented people who represent our Values, with proven skills and notable track records.
People our Customers and Partners can rely on.

  • Richard

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Monica

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jim

    North America Sales

  • Massimo

    Strategy & EMEAPAC Sales

  • Shawn

    Services & Channel Sales

  • Pierpaolo

    Research & Development

  • Francesco


  • Manlio

    Supply Chain Operations

  • Elena

    Product Management

  • Barbara

    Human Resources & IT

“Once we know where our goal is set, Panini people will act with an entrepreneurial mindset and relentless determination, and never give up until we get there.”

Rich Kane, CEO