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Secure Instant Issuance of financial cards is becoming a new must for modern Financial Institutions.

Limited recovery of the economy, low interest rates, and fee regulation have forced FIs to examine new ways of making money – and saving money. Branches need to deliver a high-quality customer experience that is fast, hassle-free, and highly personalized, yet establishes deeper relations.

Panini Cards On The SpotTM Prestige helps Banks and Credit Unions retain cardholders and generate income by providing a complete, fully-integrated solution to instantly issue any type of financial card, including both Visa and MasterCard.

Specially designed for financial institutions with more complex needs, Cards On The Spot Prestige is a browser-based application capable of multiple high-quality personalized card types using a single card printer, such as the Panini Cardmint FX based on retransfer technology, or a desktop embosser. It includes up to 15 flat card designs, along with the ability to design your own custom catalog.

The Single Sign On (SSO) feature allows MS Windows® credentials to be used for username and password validation, making the use of the system even easier. The Executive Dashboard feature offers graphical display of issuance and system statistics, providing a powerful and easy-to-use reporting tool. Cards On The Spot Prestige is EMV-ready and is Visa and MasterCard compliant.