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The do-it-all add-on for your Vision X

Panini’s ScanStation provides a modular solution designed for customer-facing environments, built around the market leading Vision X platform. The resulting assembly minimizes and optimizes cabling typically found at the teller station within a compact footprint that combines thermal receipt printing, full page scanning, card reading, and batch check scanning. 

The Panini ScanStation is the perfect solution for financial institutions deploying branch image capture at the teller, who are also looking for a way to improve productivity, consolidate counter space and improve customer satisfaction through efficient branch automation. Functions provided by the ScanStation include check scanning, validation printing, roll-tape receipt printing, magnetic card reading, smart card reading, full page scanning, rigid ID card scanning and an open USB port for extension to additional modules.

Features & Benefits

Footprint savings

Optimized ergonomics & cable management

Rationalized workspace

Install with check scanner or later upgrade

Compatible with legacy installations

Investment protection & lower TCO


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Vision X

Vision neXt

AGP ink jet rear printer (up to 4 lines and/or graphics) for cut sheet receipts (Vision X AGP or P)
AGP 14 ink jet rear printer (up to 14 lines in 3 stripes) for cut sheet receipts, cashier’s check  
Dual pocket for real-time sorting of exceptions (Vision X P) Exception Pocket
Thermal Receipt Printer (unified power+USB cable) requiring docking station  (DS)  
Stand-alone Thermal Receipt Printer (with autonomous power supply)
Hub docking station with 3 USB ports  
ScanStation (full page/A4 scanning)  
Inset 3-port USB hub  
Rigid document (ID card) scanning (SS)
Magnetic card reader  
Smart (chip) card reader (DS)  


    = included

    = optional

    DS = requires add-on docking station hardware module (Hub OR ScanStation)

    SS = requires add-on ScanStation hardware module

Technical Specifications

Multi-line Embedded Ink Jet Printer

  • AGP 4 (1/2”) available as an option on Vision X and Vision neXt: check validation, rich endorsement, cut sheet receipts up to 4 lines with optional graphics.
  • AGP 14 with cartridge capping & cleaning mechanism available on Vision neXt: check validation, rich endorsement, cut sheet receipts up to 14 lines with optional graphics, cashier’s check personalization.

Thermal Receipt Printer

  • Thermal line printing; monochrome.
  • Speed = 100 mm/sec; ~30 lps.
  • Resolution: 203 dpi.
  • Automatic, guillotine type, full or partial cut.
  • Paper roll: 80 mm (width) x 60 mm (diameter); print width: 72 mm
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface; Microsoft Windows driver; OPOS driver.
  • MFS version for Vision X: integrated USB+power cable to the MFS docking station – no separate supply.
  • Stand-alone version for Vision neXt or Vision X: USB cable to hub or PC; separate power cable and power supply.


  • Hub docking station available for the Vision X, mounted on top and sharing power supply and power & USB cables. 1 open USB port available under the docking station.
  • Inset USB Hub available for the Vision neXt, plugging into the rear side of the scanner with no footprint increase. 3 ports available, 1 exposed and 2 internal. Pass-through channel for power cable.

Full Page Scanner

  • ScanStation available for the Vision X, mounted on top and sharing power supply and power & USB cables.
  • Horizontal single document feed with auto-alignment mechanism for documents up to legal size (face down feeding) and rigid documents up to ISO 7810 thickness (0.76 mm).
  • Grayscale or color duplex scanning in multiple resolution settings (up to 600 dpi).
  • 10-document rear storage tray; document may also be returned to feeder via API command.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity with Microsoft WHQL certification for device recognition and simplified implementation.
  • Unified API (Vision API), in common with other Panini platforms. TWAIN interface.
  • 1 open USB port available under the ScanStation (unless chip card reader is installed).

Card Readers (Vision X only)

  • 3-track magstripe reader available as a hardware option for the Vision X (swipe).
  • EMV chip card reader (dip insertion) available as a hardware option to the docking station (Hub or ScanStation) for addition to the Vision X.