Financial Instant Issuance

Customers are choosing their bank based on convenience: the convenience of mobile banking, ease of use of the bank's app, and in-person solutions when the need arises. Oftentimes customers will feel the immediate need for a new payment card when theirs is lost, stolen, or damaged, or they will prefer to get a permanent, personalized and ready-to-use card when they open a new account. Waiting to get your new card in the mail, then activating it online, is becoming a thing of the past.

At Panini, we want to support Financial Institutions wishing to deliver to their customers the immediate buying power they need: the Cardmint FX was specifically developed for reliable and efficient instant financial flat card issuance, allowing Banks to personalize this important means of payment in real time and establish a deeper relationship with the customer.
Panini's complete solution includes the Cards On The SpotTM Prestige software - a complete, fully integrated browser based program to personalize and instantly issue ATM, debit, and credit cards.


Features & Benefits


Secure EMV chip, magstripe and contactless encoding

Create ATM, debit and credit cards

Browser based user interface

Up to 15 flat card designs

Cardholder chosen PIN

Inventory management

Receipt generation