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Branch Capture

Branch and Teller capture allow financial institutions to expedite check processing, extend deposit cut-off times, and reduce clearing expenses by scanning and transmitting check images directly from the branch to a processing site eliminating the need to physically transport checks for processing.

Data captured at the earliest point of presentment allows a Financial Institution to realize significant benefits including operational cost reduction, transportation savings, elimination of redundant processes, fraud reduction, reduction in transaction errors, earlier processing, smoothed workflow and staffing expense, transaction time reduction, customer retention, and creation of new market opportunities.

Panini offers innovative and robust check scanners to meet the branch and teller capture needs of financial Institutions.


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Teller Capture

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Remote Deposit Capture

Businesses of all sizes have recognized the tremendous efficiencies associated with transitioning from paper-based check deposit processes to a remote deposit capture solution. With remote deposit capture, financial institutions can offer their business clients the opportunity to scan and transmit images directly from their business location(s) to the bank. This unique deposit system allows financial institutions the ability to provide their existing business clients with additional convenience, improved funds availability, and faster return item notification. Financial institutions that offer remote deposit capture solutions to their commercial and small business accounts can gain substantial market share and achieve lower operational costs.

Panini offers affordable, scalable and reliable check scanners that meet the specific and unique requirements of remote deposit capture users.


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Point of Sale Capture

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Lockbox & Remittance Processing

Even in today's world of mobile banking, online bill pay, and paperless billing, there are still a large number of consumers who pay their bills the "old fashioned" way – walking into the biller's local office or mailing a check to a remote lock box location. This process is very costly, and involves the handling checks and related payment documents at a distributed or remote office, followed by transportation of these items to a centralized location for processing. This can result in lost or misdirected payments with the associated consequences of increased customer service center call volumes and reduced customer satisfaction.

A multi–format capture device helps eliminate these issues. These devices image checks and full-size documents to enable capture of all payments data including coupons, envelopes, correspondence, invoices, or other documents related to the customer payment transaction. All documents are imaged on the same device, allowing an efficient method to digitize important accounts receivable information.

A cost effective, multi–format capture device can help automate the process and assist in more accurately applying payment information to the correct customer account while expediting accounts receivables and minimizing the number of posting files.


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Branch Platform & Sales Desk

Opening a new bank account or beginning the loan origination process typically requires supporting documentation, and can be a manually intensive process.

Branch Platform Desk/Sales associates are responsible for spending value added time with their customers and for accurately scanning check and new account and/or loan application documents. With true, multi–document format capture capability, and integration with existing imaging applications, one device can capture high quality images for quick routing to the processing center. Scanning documents earlier in the presentment process yields results in the areas of improved productivity and efficiency, putting the focus back on the customer. Banks can immediately offer a differentiated customer experience while reducing the time required to complete transactions.

A cost effective, multi–format capture device can reside at the branch sales employee’s desk, eliminating the need to leave the customer alone in their office to walk over to a Branch scanner or MFP. These valuable minutes can yield positive results in customer relationship building and an improved service experience, which means greater customer loyalty and repeat business.


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